Michalex's Rant

Friday, May 21, 2004

You know....

You know...the interesting thing about the birth of a new child is that suddenly everyone feels the need to drop by, pay a visit.
Not only do you have the emotional change of having a new child to take care of..(yes and worry about)...the sleepless nights, the other children vying for attention..(not much that is more tiring than that), you have to be on your best behavior because your inlaws are staying at your place.... It takes about a full month at least until you can actually be alone with your own family.

I've been reading a few of these Blogs floating about the net...man some are just weird....some are basically adverts, some are just plane sad.....but there are a lot out there that are an interesting read, pose some interesting problems, points of view or insights.

Ill just keep reading, try to figure out what I will do with mine....when I know, you will be the first I shall tell.


We shall see

Just sitting here typing.....wondering basically what the hell this is.....seeing if anything happens when I type in here....sounds like it could be fun.

We shall see.

Became a father for the 3rd time last week......it always amazes me how I can turn a joyful event into a reason to worry.....Is she alright...will she be alright....what will the future hold....Wait and see...wait and see....

We shall see.

What will the world do to my girl....was it fair to bring her into this......she is so beautiful....I hope she will be happy.....

We shall see.